Blogs are a little weird.

In this era of abundant shitty writing that exists very specifically on blogs and the development of blog-list cliches (i.e. 10 things that I hate when I’m bathing my cat, 5 things that make dog poop taste better, 8 bathrooms to urinate in before you die and so on), I am aware that I could very well belong to that list of terrible writing, when in fact I could just be sitting around saying nothing. However, clearly, there must be some small percentage of good within that range, that have impregnated me with the bad idea that I could also come here and make up some useful garbage (or at least oxymorons) for mass consumption.

Also, this is the space that for the writer comprises at minimum 40% ego (or perhaps alter ego, if you will) regardless of what they claim or how they portray themselves. Another 40% is likely the genuine desire for communication with the community and the remaining 20% is more or less a writing exercise/challenge. Admittedly, my thoughts have become more fluid and articulate since I started writing in here. I’m able to create a sustainable home for the ideas that frequent my mind, that have in the past inevitably escaped me. I’m not sure what the purpose of expressing them is, other than making them more tangible and concrete for myself. As much as I would like to engage the community around me, I highly doubt the effectiveness of this blog in doing so. In the best case scenario, I can make you uncomfortable all the while leaving impressionable and new ideas for you to think about and engage with, that is if I can get you to read this at all to begin with.

I could express my histories and stories here but that will make the task of knowing me too simple…and it’s always more complex.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I discovered your blog by accident after searching the wordpress reader for the tag ‘Blues’, my original intention was to find articles on Blues music, although I should be well aware now after a year and a half that the probability of one of these searches delivering me to a blues music blog is slim. This is the second day in a row that the ‘Blues’ tag has led me to an interesting blog that I would have otherwise never found and for this I am very grateful. I read your piece on Karma, I got angry when your writing got angry and right at the end when you noted the quick transition from hostile to mellow; I myself was simultaneously surprised by my sudden change in feeling. I’m no expert but I would say that to do that is pretty impressive, no hang on a minute, I am an expert, of sorts, aren’t we all? Of course we are… and in my expert opinion your writing is very good. First and foremost you are grammatically sound in technique which means that you have moved into the top 5% of the blog world as regards that aspect. Yes, you are right, this is the age of shitty writing. In some ways it’s great isn’t it, that anyone can have a blog and that people of all walks of life are writing and that poetry is becoming more popular than ever. It’s just great that cliche is queen again, —- “as far as the eye can see it’s the blind leading the blind. They’re coming out of the closet dressed to kill” —– and we all genuinely love each other and therefore we all love each others writings and press the like button like a button that needs pressing for the sake a pressing a fucking button.
    Sorry, I promised myself that I would just write a quick note to say hi and say how I understand some of your views and reasons for writing then I was going to leave a link and say “bye, I really should go because I’ve been awake for four and a half days now and although I can still make sense I get distracted so easily and start rambling on about, hey about the blues, I was thinking….” See what happens… I don’t know how serious you are about writing poetry compared with other kinds of writing, but if poetry was your thing and you wanted a place where the rules stipulate that you have to critique other people’s poems to receive critique on your own poetry, and a place where there ain’t no like buttons and no free ego massages then check out this website http://www.pigpenpoetry.com/ it really is the best place to learn as regards poetry. I apologise if my ramble was incoherent at times, however please note that I have not soiled any of your various likeylikey buttons. I really need to go to sleep… some day.
    Also as an apology for my intentional use of cliche to stress a point earlier on I offer you…

    a dancing carrot.

    Have fun,



    • I was going to say thank you for leaving me the greatest comment thus far but then I realized that that has absolutely no frame of reference since you’re my first commenter. So I will say that this is the most interesting blog-interaction for me thus far. I myself am guilty for using the lazy asshole ‘like’ button instead of creating dialogue–which is something I reflected on as a result of your comment. I felt a much greater sense of support and encouragement from your words than any number of ‘likes’ I have accumulated in previous entries.

      I’m grateful I was able to engage your attention. And yes, poetry is my heart (therefore, excuse my use of the lame, corny expression “is my heart”) and I’ve especially been searching a more productive place to cultivate that. So, many thanks.

      Also, sorry for deceiving you with the ‘blues’ tag. That word is as poetic to me as is the music of the genre and I constantly employ it wherever possible.

      And lastly, get some sleep son! What you doing awake for four days?!


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