Unoriginal and Useless PartII

So since the pieces that are on the backburner will use too much brain energy to complete and/or edit, here is my asshole-egotistical indulgence in my favorite music. My state of mind today (and most other days and times) is Undun and so I present you with this album of my heart. Yes, I present it. So what if I didn’t make it? I feel it so fuck you. Accompanied by my favorite quotes from each song in sequential order. Also this is totally justified because out of all my potential celebrity husbands, Black Thought has always been my #1, my main squeeze if you will. Whether or not I have made this same claim about Talib Kweli and Mos Def in the past is not relevant. I was a child then, what did I know? Forgive and forget or some other Marilyn Monroe quote. That is a Marilyn quote right? Whatever, I’m sure that all time wonderful philosopher has written something that can explain it. So, without further ado:

Full album: if you have the balls and well, the time. Not to mention, you know that thing called ‘unity’ they teach you to strive for in those lame high-school essays? This album is a prime example of that. So if you wish to be musically literate, study up.

Skip the intro

Track 1: Sleep

To catch a thief, who stole the soul I prayed to keep
Insomniac, bad dreams got me losing sleep
I’m dead tired, my mind playing tricks, deceit
A face in the glass, unable to admit defeat
All that I am, all that I was is history

Track 2: Make My

I begin to vanish, feel the pull of the blank canvas
I’m contemplatin, that special dedication
to whoever it concern, my letter of resignation
Fadin, back to black, my dark coronation

Track 3: One Time

The hook takes the cake in this one:

You ever wonder what’s the big fuss
For everyone to be on time
What’s the big deal, why do they feel
The need to have us marching on line
Feeling unlucky and if I’d ever got lucky it was one time
In this crazy world

Track 4: Kool On

God bless the weirdo when everyone’s a fool
Fuck a genie and three wishes
I just want a bottle, a place to write my novel
I am heroin to those that hear a rhyme and think
How do you find this upper echelon this time
Let’s toast to better days, a beautiful mind, and a flow that never age

Track 5: The OtherSide

You might say I could be doing something positive
Humbled head down, low and broke like promises
Soaking and broken in a joke like comics is
Not enough paper to be paying folks compliments
But when that paper got low so did my tolerance
And it ain’t no truth in a dare without the consequence
Listen if it not for these hood inventions
I’d be just another kid on the block, with no intentions

Track 6: Stomp

Yeah speaking of pieces of a man
Staring at a future in the creases of my hand
It reads like a final letter I’m leaving for my fam but
It’s written in language they will never understand

Track 7: Lighthouse

It’s the rum we be wantin, by the ton
take a look at my lungs and my liver
it’s disgustin
take a look, at the man in the mirror
we start fussin
only one person gets hurt when throwin the punches – me
and the man behind the glass just laughs
the waves come over my head and just crash
my hand starts bleedin
the water starts receding
a feeling comes into my heart
I start believing that
I might actually survive through the evening

Track 8: I remember 

1) I drew a 2 of hearts from a deck of cards
A stock trick from my empty repertoire
Another hopeless story never read it all
I’m better off looking for the end
Where the credits are
It’s a pain living life against the grain
I’m looking back and y’all look the same

2) It’s only human to express the way you really feel
But that same humanity is my Achilles’ heel

Track 9: Tip the Scale

Picture me living life as if I’m some animal
That consumes its own dreams like I’m a cannibal
I won’t accept failure unless it’s mechanical
But still the alcohol mixed with the botanical

Track 10, 11 & 12 are instrumentals and as suggested by some smart internet personality by the name of Weak_Sauce: “The fact that the track is an instrumental embodies the point of the album, being a reverse chronological account of a persons’ life, the track having no vocals is equal to showing the perspective of a newborn baby, as it cannot speak.” 

Indulgence, out.


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