Karma is for the Weak

I just know that I can’t be the only person who perceives Karma to be a stupid fucking concept because all you would have to do to realize this fact is open your eyes and use your brain, which are completely regular human functions and capabilities. When I speak of Karma, I’m talking about the belief that there is a level of equality in the actions that you do and the actions that are done unto you, which consequently implies a sense of justice. People will often employ the concept of karma to insinuate that when you do enough bad things, the universe will invite proportionally bad consequences in your life.

I also feel that this tends to come from people who have a certain faith in the concept of God. It doesn’t really matter what your motivations are for believing in karma though. Think about the very real facts of your surroundings, such as, oh I don’t know, colonization? So a bunch of people decided that they wanted to “explore”, which must have been synonymous with “uproot” at the time, the globe. They went about their endeavours with sanctioned permission from their respective Kings and Queens to exploit and destroy the civilizations they came into contact with. They convinced preexisting populations on many areas of the globe that they were superior than them and that everything about their culture and way of life was to be worshiped. Unfortunately enough, they were successful in this thoughtless, bullshit pursuit.  Today, we sit in classes learning about how these actions were justified and that even though there were certain negative consequences along the way, ultimately, these actions can be regarded as founding the world, technology, and other such questionable fluff that makes up the existence of human beings. Does this make you think karma is real? Or a proportionality of shittyness that gets delivered unto you as a result of your shittiness?

We can then look at things like Ferguson, Eric Garner, and the numerous other cases that relate directly to the historical enslavement of African people and think hm, is this karma? Did they do something to deserve this? Or alternatively, is this justice? Did someone address the gross atrocities that were inflicted on them not too far in history? Quite the opposite. In fact, they were too busy making movies like ‘Django’, ‘Twelve Years a Slave’ and profiting YET AGAIN from their struggles. How many of these writers, directors and producers are actually representative of these communities? Even if they are, where does the money made from depicting their histories go? Is that karmatic? Is that justice? Let’s not even get into the incarceration and poverty rates of these populations because chances are, people who believe in karma, probably can’t grasp that thing known as statistics anyways.

Moreover, the concept of karma is stupid because it makes people lazy. While basking in the comfort of karma, people forget that in order to restore justice, they need to act. In the reality of things, nobody is going to hand you justice on a fucking platter. In fact, people will chip away at your share of things until you reach your breaking point, until there is no more value in your voice and words because you have been silent, passive, and acted upon for so long. Nobody gives a shit about you. If you want something, go on and take it. I assure you there is nobody sitting there observing your pathetic suffering, waiting to deliver the fruits of your pussy-ness to you. Yeah, things were fucked and people were fucked over. But honestly, if karma was real, European people would be suffering real hard right now. Do you see that? Yeah, me neither. In fact, fuck suffering, do you even see any acknowledgement of the atrocities or appropriate representations of history? Do you? That’s what I thought. So stop playing the victim and pretending like things are going to work out because life has been awful for you. Is it sad? Yeah, it fucking is. It is really really sad and heartbreaking that we believed in people. But better to stop reassuring yourself with these concepts now, understand the world you live in, and take action.

The most sense I can make of Karma is in the way that people who are privileged or have otherwise dodged struggles in their life typically lack substance and personalities. They are hollow little clones, floating around uninterestingly following other mindless clones and basically doing nothing of value in life. It is my personal, deep-felt bias that struggles define and form people. I have interacted with numerous people who happened to be privileged, hick-town-Edmonton-Central, therefore, also boring, stupid, and uninteresting as fuck. They sit around all day talking about their bi-weekly recycled relationships (with some dipshit who will eventually stick around long enough and marry them [or not] and multiply the number of dipshits in the world), the shape and size of other people’s tits, “who is prettier? Me or Mariah?” and not to mention, Taylor Swift. Dumb motherfuckers love Taylor Swift. In this sense though, perhaps, yeah, their life is altered because they live it in an ignorant and unrealistic way, completely unfamiliar with the beauty and crassness of it. Here the “karma” of their privelege is stupidity. They are underdeveloped and uninteresting. But come on. There is an entire system backing them up should they choose to wake up and tumble across a different path. An entire system just waiting for them to gain the slightest bit of intelligence so it can propell them towards success. That is a pretty good deal in comparison from where I am. So karma can suck a toe for all I care; that shit does not illude me for a second.

That is, karma for the proportionality of actions of course. Perhaps karma could exist in the aforementioned under-developed being way but that can just be called the beauty of life. Life is beautiful not because it offers happiness but because it contains a range of emotions that are all unique and fundamentally essential (an idea realized to me by conversations with some dope pair of siblings). Also, I think in a strange way, your happiest is at your lowest because the essence and the truth of life lies somewhere in sadness. But man, there are some struggles that will make you question your existence day in and day out. Working jobs that hold no meaning to you for menial pays, or worse yet, not having a roof over your head and food to eat. My beef with karma is that it distracts us from realizing how much of our struggles have been very deliberately crafted and are, by that logic, malleable and recraftable. That’s all. Wow, check out that transition from extremely hostile to extremely mellow. I’m just a person though, like shit. Or maybe it’s the alcohol.

It’s probably the alcohol.


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