Blurbs about Art

1) Graffiti artists are kind enough to share their expression with the public eye, and to give soul-less walls a personality. How is this criminal? You can tress-pass your art on my property any day; vandalize the boredom of my room away.

2) You were pretty because of your radiant energy and your beautiful disposition. People of the original variety are the most attractive. My brain was so trained to see the norm as skinny, fair, and tall that even the images I drew started to lack imperfection. After decades of drawing “perfection”, there remained no “art” in my work. It was no longer emotional.

3) Drawing is so therapeutic. It frees you from the most common and bounded ways of expression into a realm of complete freedom. The most beautiful thing about these unconventional ways of expression is the fact that it doesn’t have to be speaking to anyone. However, it can speak to many people. It makes things complex enough so that only people who are able to relate can de-code it. It doesn’t bother explaining or justifying itself to people. It exists regardless of whether or not anyone can understand it. It is not to lure anyone in or to make them believe in it. It just is.


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