Capitalism Blues


behind the flesh
of my humanity
and imperfection
is the skeletal
obedient clone
societal convention

philosophies burn
and melt, leaving
only room for
survival instincts

sometimes intertwining
leaving me uncertain
as to which parts are me

the way these days pass by
leave both
the human and the robot

striving for intellectual
exhaustion at the end
of every day
attaining only physical

will I only find my heart
when this machinery

Just Friends

Whenever we hold each other,
touch each other in a new way,
we smile.
As if we’re only sure of this moment
but not the next.
And though I suppose no one can truly be,
we know when we take one step forward,
we both still stay ready, set
in case we need to sprint tomorrow.

Sometimes we say sweet nothings
just to feel like better people
and create false, temporary security.
Neither of us can take too much tenderness,
too much commitment, compromise
too much care,
too much space, too much distance.
We take up indifference and
just this one moment.

Love & Money

In recent times, I’ve learned that I have a dysfunctional relationship with both love and money. Both of these vices have the potential of being deeply positive and deeply negative. As I reflect on both, I see the different parallels that exist between them. When used positively, they have the potential of making life fruitful and beautiful but negatively, they can really hollow out your heart and mind.

For several years now, my relationship with love has been one of taking, of selfishness. I have found comfort in receiving love from people while keeping them at a distance from my heart so that I never have to give back. I’ve thrived from the attention received from male counterparts but been too cool to attend back. It’s not that I intentionally guard myself or prevent myself from feeling or giving; it just so happens that my life experiences have shaped me into an ungiving, cold person. There is some degree of safety in this. You are not likely to get profoundly hurt or sad. However, that also means that you are unlikely to profoundly learn or grow. To shield your heart from hurt limits the richness of its experience. It may feel as though you have the upper hand when you receive and don’t give but what you have is guilt and perpetual loneliness. Similarly for money, many of us like to hoard money for safety and to look out for ourselves, but there is a perpetual sadness in this. Money feels better when shared, distributed, and given back. Holding onto more money than necessary for survival only provides a very hollow, temporary satisfaction. The enriching way to use it is to distribute.
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Love IV

I remember that first Valentine’s Day of intimacy
and how uncomfortable it made me.
Second Valentine’s became comfortable
–idea of romance less repulsive,
more normal, more regular, more mundane.
Third Valentine I had determination of walking away
looking back

wishing I kept my discomfort.

Intimacy will never be comfortable for me
but I learned to lie so well,
pretend so convincingly.

Lying in different arms
thinking of the feel of your chest
against my cheek,
your arms around me.
In that moment, we both wanted comfort
and we had it.
It was wrong for me.

Maybe it will always be.


I embrace my painful thoughts
with tears of affection.
Long lost friends that
reveal me to myself.
How painful it was to search my mind
for feeling
and return with
I ran through hallways of tragedies
only to find the stone face of apathy.
Separated by a comfortable distance
surrounded by indifference
sitting idly in its mindless company.
In numbness,
I ceased to think, I ceased to be.

Leave Vince Li The Fuck Alone: why your opinion of the ‘Greyhound murderer’ is stupid.

Before you use your mighty intellectual abilities to come to a poorly educated opinion about the case of Vince Li, use it instead to write down 5 facts you know about schizophrenia. When I say 5 facts, I don’t mean stories, fables, and hearsay. I mean facts. You have the most powerful, information-rich tools at your disposal, so use them. Specifically if you are any one of the army of clowns who aggressively promote ‘Bell Let’s Talk’ day, you should especially find comfort in this task.

If you find yourself comparing the state in which Vince Li beheaded his victim to symptoms of depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety and the like, then just pause and take the opportunity to smack yourself. Even if it’s a metaphorical smack, you now know that you have no working knowledge of schizophrenia yet have taken it upon yourself to impart criminal justice sentencing wisdom to society. So, here are 5 things that you should know about schizophrenia: Continue reading

Fuck Your ‘Closet’ Feminism

I know an unhealthy number of males who are feminists in spirit, in their deep seated ideologies, however, their actions largely take disgusting, sexist forms. In fact, their ideologies are the very thing that assists them in justifying their detrimental actions. They tend to feel that since they already believe in female empowerment, it makes them immune from acting in ways that harm women, that they’ve somehow become shielded from contributing to a culture of misogyny. Right?

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